Hey guys, I’m looking to start running this blog again in my free time.  I have a lot of confessions sitting in my inbox from the past year, so if you submitted one a long time ago, I’m going to be posting it. Also thanks for the continuous support even though I ultimately just up and stopped running this blog. 

Also, if you see me use an image of you and would like to get credit for it, please inbox me, I would love to give you credit. I get these images from everywhere and it’s impossible to keep track of where they come from.

Much love fellow hoopers <3.

I don’t understand why people take the source off of the images I make for the confessions, but okay.

Alright, I know this blog isn&#8217;t updated as much as it should be (but no one will volunteer to help me and I simply can only shovel them out when I have the time.) And any bad confession I have received I have ignored and not posted. But this one I got last night.
And I can&#8217;t just sit here and read that and NOT comment my own opinion back to this particular confession. First of all, when I first read this I was absolutely ABSOLUTELY disturbed by this persons thought process, their selfish, egotistical, attention hungry, judgmental words literally made me want to vomit in the face of the hooping community that such a person, such a thought would EVER come to someone&#8217;s mind. I know I may sound harsh in this post, but up until now I have always seen the hooping drama and different opinions as being natural. Some people fly off the handle that we all need to be peace loving and equal and non-judgmental. Which is GREAT to strive for, but you can&#8217;tchange people, that is a process they must go through themselves, so the best you can do is be that peace, loving, and non-judgmental person and focus on yourself and be the best you can be.
But this confession literally struck my bones deep, it made me want to close down this blog (not that i&#8217;m running it very well atm to begin with). Never in my life would I ever support such ugliness, so bare with me as I dissect this &#8216;confession&#8217;.
Using the phrase, &#8220;disgusting non-hoopers&#8221; literally makes me want to punch you in the face. We are not special because we hoop, and they are no different than us, no worse than us because they don&#8217;t hoop. Someone who doesn&#8217;t hoop is not a disgusting person, someone who is fascinated by hooping and the light shows of an LED hoop is beautiful, because we have touched that person&#8217;s heart and mind, that maybe one day they will pick up a hoop or a version of a flow toy and be sent into this lovely hobby world that everyone should do.I understand if someone wants to use your hoop and you get nervous because they are trying to run off with it, or maybe they are banging it around, but there are easy ways to prevent that, very easy ways. Your phrasing of &#8220;disgusting non-hoopers&#8221; makes me assume that you are the epitome of what this community absolutely hates, and I pity you. I pity that you view hooping in such a selfish fashion, in such an ugly fashion.
Secondly, I&#8217;m glad that you give in and let them play with it. I&#8217;m glad you have to suffer giving that person a moment of joy and excitement, because I don&#8217;t think you understand how people on the outside looking in see our hoops. But I pity you that you are so low of a person that you have to glare at a complete stranger who is trying to have a good time, who is being friendly with the hate of the world inside of you. I&#8217;m so sorry that you have that in your being.Hula hoops are toys (not toyz) last I checked. And yes, we spend hundreds of dollars on a tubing filled with colorful lights, but that&#8217;s doesn&#8217;t mean it isn&#8217;t a toy. You spent hundreds of dollars on electronics, iPads, Gaming Systems, Computers, Phones, etc. In the end they are all toys, sources of entertainment.I hope you lose your elitist attitude, your dark heart and unfriendly bashfulness, your hate and selfishness. I hope one day you open your eyes to truly see what it means to be a hooper. It&#8217;s not about the attention you get, it&#8217;s not about how expensive your LED hoop is, it&#8217;s what you enjoy, it&#8217;s your satisfaction to be apart of apart of something that makes you feel whole and free. That you can do something, that you are capable of doing greater things.  I hope one day, you will never ever look at someone else again, and not share your love for hooping, and that you will never turn away.
And I&#8217;m so sorry that people took the attention away from you for a moment.